iPod touch 3G review iPod touch 3G review

We love
64GB option, slick Voice Control features
We hate
Dented battery life, Voice Control on high-end models only
A mediocre update for the iPod touch, but the extra capacity is a great addition
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iPod touch 3g

Eye up the new iPod touch and you’d be forgiven for thinking nothing has changed. Externally, Apple’s finger-friendly iPod is the same as the previous generation, but inside it’s all new. Read our iPod touch 3G review now to see if it’s worth a punt.

Apple’s squeezed in a more powerful set of chips to make the new iPod touch “up to 50% faster” and it feels it. We tried a selection of apps and games, from Touchgrind and Spore to Facebook and Spotify and found the new iPod touch blitzed through them all.

Apple has built in new PowerVR SGX graphics hardware too, so just like the iPhone 3GS, this new iPod will be able to squeeze the most from complex visuals into the latest games and apps.

There are other similarities to the iPhone 3GS too. Apple’s Voice Control features have made the jump to the new 32GB and 64GB versions of the iPod touch. The high-end players now come packed with mic-equipped headphones, ready to react to your spoken commands. Just like the iPhone 3GS, the system works very well, letting you direct the new iPod touch towards specific playlists, artists or songs without rummaging in your pocket.

Synced up to the all-new iTunes 9, the iPod touch will also serve up Apple’s new Genius Mixes, which blend together music of the same genre and style to create a virtual radio station from your library’s contents. In our case it paired up Elbow, Radiohead, Doves and… The Seahorses, but you can’t win ‘em all.

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But it’s not all good news. We’ve already noted that Voice Control is limited to the high-end models of Apple’s new iPod touch, and in adding a speedier set of innards it seems the big-screened player has had to take a hit on battery life. Apple now states it’ll last for 30 hours playing music, down from 36 for the previous generation, although its rated six hours of video playback remains the same.

In practice, however, those six hours are hard to notice. There’s still plenty of juice to last a long-haul flight, and if you’ve yet to make the jump to Apple’s touch platform, the new iPod touch provides the most tempting reasons yet: new features that’ve proven their worth on the iPhone 3G, and a larger capacity option dishing up 64GB of flash, just itching to be stuffed with songs.

Yes, it’s an incremental update, but one that should be tempting enough to turn heads.

  • matt

    Yea, cant wait to get mine.

    I just found this amazing gta clone (Free roam city, on foot, do whatever game) called Gangstar: West coast hustle made by Gamesloft.

    I know it wouldnt run smoothly on 2g and 2g iPt’s but im sure it will on 3g because its a little faster than iPhone 3gs, so that alone tells you :P

  • raul

    its a nice ipod but its really annoying how you have to hook it up to itunes EVERYTIME you turn the ipod ff. can or will this be fixed anytime soon?

    • http://www.gravatar.com James Holland

      Hey Raul. That shouldn’t be happening. My iPod touch is fine! I haven’t synced it for weeks, as it’s the 64GB version and has almost everything I own on it! Sounds like you might have a bug there. Tried a software reset?

    • zip

      yeah, dude. that’s not normal.

  • http://yahoo jackzo

    does it have bluetooth

  • DDougz

    can the touch connect with the ihone on games and stuff?

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