iTunes 9 breaks Palm Pre sync

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palm-preHere we go again, folks. Apple’s new iTunes 9 package has just rolled up and lo and behold, it breaks syncing with the Palm Pre. This is just the latest round in the long running spat between Cupertino and Palm over whether the Pre should be able to play nice with the world’s favourite music software.

It was to be expected, but the release of iTunes 9 has brought an end to the Palm Pre’s syncing skills. The release of iTunes 8.2.1 had originally killed off the Pre’s ability to hook up with the software, but a Palm update had brought it back to life.

iTunes 9 debuts sharing, syncing and Genius extras

Now it’s back to square one, with Apple continuing to work on their stated promise that they would “disable devices falsely pretending to be iPods, including the Palm Pre.”

Word on the web is that devs are already working on a solution for hard one by Pre owners. So expect a fix of sorts to be in place when the multitouch maven lands here in December.

Out now | £Free | Apple (via Electronista)

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