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sony-3d3D TV has once again grabbed the headlines, with most major players showing off a new model out at IFA. But Sony has nabbed all the attention, thanks to its plans to unleash a 3D TV by the end of 2010, rocking shutter technology rather than the polarisation method favoured by the other big boys. But is it any good? Read on for our first impressions.

Slap on your specs and the Sony 3D TV looks stunning. As well as showing a selection of Blu–ray flicks, including Cars and Up, the Big S was keen to impress upon an excited IAF public that 3D is about more than just movies. With a PS3 hooked up to one model, Wipeout HD looked amazing. And we’ll admit to thinking a car was about to mow us down at one point.

The big drawer, according to Sony top brass, is that its 3D TV will rock shutter tech. Put simply, the glasses you wear to watch 3D hook up with the TV wirelessly, with each lens darkened and lightened according to the picture. Having given Philips’ effort, which packs polarisation tech, a whirl, we can honestly say it was hard to tell the difference.

Sony readies 3D TV

One of our team has a squint, which means 3D fun is a no go. And with shutter tech favouring viewers with 20/20 vision and prescription 3D specs unavailable, there are some major issues that still need ironing out. 3D TV still has the capacity to cause sea sickness too. So while Sony’s 3D TV is ace, it’s hard to see it making the transition to your living room in just a year’s time.

Out 2010 | £TBC | Sony

  • Ben Sillis

    It’ll definitely take off in gaming before broadcast TV. It requires too much change in how footage is filmed to go truly mainstream, and let’s not get started on keeping hold of those glasses in households with small kids. But if all it needs is a PS3 update for gamers, bring it on!

  • Nikki

    horrible product

    • James Holland

      Hey Nikki, have you tried it?

  • Sharmaraomp

    not sony 3D TV expensive. How about the extra glasses, get a couple more
    glasses for the whole family add to problem so does gives extra glass.

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