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Philips Aurea

Want a close look at the new Philips Aurea? Feast your peepers. We’ve been playing with it on the show floor at IFA, basking in its front-facing glow and soothing our eyes by watching its kooky colour-change abilities. Read on, and click through our hands-on photos.

The new Philips Aurea is a 40 inch monster, packed with fancy features like Wi-Fi to grab pictures, video and music from your home network, but the real reason it’s been turning heads in Berlin this week is it’s see-through bezel, packed with 250 LEDs which light up in different colours to match the picture on-screen.

It’s a stand-out telly, and no mistake. Sure, it soothes the eyes, but we think Philips might have finally taken the Ambilight idea a step to far here. It’s one thing to introduce a backlight, but the new Aurea actually shines lights into your face. It’s not wholly unpleasant, but we’ve a feeling it could get annoying during a lengthy film. Stay tuned for a full review as soon as Philips announces the new Aurea’s availability in the UK.

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