toshiba-journe-touch-400The Toshiba JournE Touch might be less than two hours into officialdom, but it’s already shaking an angry fist at Apple. We’ve hot-footed it fresh from Toshiba’s press conference where Marco Perino, Toshiba’s general manager in Europe, let slip in a brief chat afterwards that the company is hard at work on an app store for the media tablet.

The move, of course, opens the Toshiba JournE Touch up to third party developers and puts it head to head with Apple, the iPhone, iPod touch, and any tablet Jobs and Co may have in the works.

Toshiba JournE Touch tablet unveiled

Since the Toshiba JournE Touch is built on the Windows CE platform, it should make tempting developers an easy prospect. They’ll be used to the programming tools necessary to breathe life into the touchscreen gizmo, and with a roomy 7-inch screen there’s plenty of scope for gorgeous apps.

Will the JournE Touch usher in a new breed of handheld devices? Can it topple the iPhone in the app stakes? Along with its Media Controller software, Toshiba seems to be betting the house on it. Unfortunately, the last time it did that the world was treated to HD-DVD…

Out 2009 | €249 | Toshiba

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