Sonos CR200 review Sonos CR200 review

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Easy to use, and so gorgeous we'd want even without a Sonos
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The price
A must for Sonos newcomers but for a second remote, there are other options
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Sonos CR200

It’s not often we review remote controls. But then few remotes do what the Sonos CR200 does: command all your different audio set ups over your house to play tunes, from wherever you are in your crib. Want to know if this touchscreen command centre works as beautifully as it looks? Read our full Sonos CR200 review to find out.

We love our Sonos, we do. Once you’ve tried streaming different tracks around your house at the same time, you’ll never go back. But its one big let down was the clunky CR100 remote, which you could easily see being used as blunt instrument in a Millwall West Ham tear up, were it not for the equally massive pricetag.

The Sonos CR200′s still painful on the bank balance, but thanks to a small, shiny shell and a gorgeous capacitive touchscreen, it’s more fun to use than a pair of pogo stilts. It does everything the CR100 does, but doing away with the click wheel means pulling up any album or artist without whirling your finger around forever.

Set up’s for simpletons on the Sonos CR200 – just follow the onscreen instructions and you’re away. The homescreen lets you play and stop in any Sonos Zone in your pad, and the queue is simply pulled up from the bottom. All the regular Sonos extras like and Napster are there too, and there’s even a few little extras thrown in for good measure: the information icon on artists brings up everything from band bios to where you’ll be able to throw your knickers at them next. But it’s the speed with which you can hurl around inside the menus we rate most – the vertical iPod scrolling and responsive onscreen keyboard are straight out of an iPhone, and work just as well.

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Ah yes, the iPhone. This is where the CR200 falls down: Sonos gives away an equally powerful Sonos iPhone app for free, so if you’re on the scout for a second controller, simply buying an iPod touch will save you more than three figures compared to the Sonos CR200. But hey, if you bought a Sonos rig, you probably don’t care for frivolous things like “money” or “being able to pay the rent”, so make sure they’re only things stopping you. Otherwise, the Sonos CR200 is as essential as oxygen.

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