UPDATE 2: Sony UK has contacted us to say it will be here in Blighty “in autumn.” So that means any time now by our reckoning.

UPDATE: Sony UK declined to comment on whether we’d see a Sony VAIO X release over here. But hey, that could change at any moment, so don’t get too down.

Sony’s thrown out a flurry of goodies just now at IFA, including the ultra thin Sony VAIO X laptop. Late to the party on the netbook scene, it looks like Sony is now trying to crash the shindig where the MacBook Air and MSI X-Slim hold court. Is it up to the challenge?

At half an inch thin, the Sony VAIO X will certainly slot nicely into any bag or manila envelope – and because the Sony VAIO X is made of carbon fibre, you won’t need much more than a First Class stamp to post it either.

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There are no details on specs for the Sony VAIO X other than that there’s an Atom processor hiding inside (In order to keep the battery going all day, although that does mean netbook performance too), and none on price whatsoever, but expect it to be big. We’re pumping Sony for more details on the Sony VAIO X right now so keep it locked.

Out TBC | £TBC | Sony (Via Engadget)

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