Nokia N97 Mini official!

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Nokia N97 MiniWe’re not sure why the Nokia N97 Mini wasn’t outed with all of the Finns’ other goodies last week, since it was the worst kept secret since Wogan donned a toupe. Nevertheless, Nokia’s finally made it official at Nokia World 09, so read on to check all the specs on this shrunken smartphone!

We’ve caught most of the tech bumph under the bonnet, as well as an official pic of the Nokia N97 Mini already, but we if you were itching to get your thumbs all over the QWERTY slide, Nokia says you’ll be able to pick one up next month, for as little as free on contract, Nokia’s VP for Markets hinted.

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Specs-wise, we’re talking a 3.2-inch screen on the Nokia N97 Mini slimmed down from 3.5-inches, and 8GB instead of the full 32GB. You’ll still get a 5 megapixel camera on board the Nokia N97 Mini, albeit without a lens cover, but we’re a little cautious about the keypad. It wasn’t the easiest to use on the N97, so now that it’s Mini it could be even harder to thumb out a text.

Still, you’ll know exactly what you’re getting in advance with the Nokia N97 Mini, so if the first one’s rendition of Symbian made you swoon and you just dig that slide out hinge (We do), stay tuned for plenty more coverage.

Out October | €450 | Nokia (Via Nokia Conversations)

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