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zunehd06Microsoft has never let us buy a Zune here in the UK, and if reports are true it looks like we may never get the chance – at least with this generation of the device. Blogger Paul Thurrot has spoken to Microsoft’s Zune team and was told that the Zune will be killed off in favour of the Zune HD.

Zunes as we know them will become a thing of the past, according to a blog post by WinSuperSite’s Paul Thurrot (link here – site is down at the moment due to load).

“I met with the Zune folks today,” sad Thurrot, “and one bit of information than I can discuss immediately is that the Zune HD will be the only device type going forward: The current Zune models, the Zune 8, 16 80, and 120, have all been discontinued.”

The Zune HD launches on 15th September, so if you want an old school Zune (not a purchase we would describe as ‘essential’, quite honestly) now is the time to act.

15th September | £TBC | Microsoft (Via Daring Fireball)

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