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htc_hero_chinlessLeaked photos of a new HTC Android phone could be shots of a revised HTC Hero – minus that weird ‘chin’. Read on and we’ll dose you up with all the details.

The HTC Hero is a fine phone, we reckon. Well built, great screen, responsive, it even makes phone calls. One thing though – it does have that sticky-out ‘chin’ at the bottom. What, as they say, is up with that?

Well, if these leaked pictures from Chinese site are correct, HTC  might be about to roll out a revised model of the HTC Hero. A model that has had a bit of work done in the chin department.

The phone is said to be a reworked Hero destined for the US market as an exclusive to the Sprint network. We can’t confirm this, but the new look does seem a bit of a mixed bag. On the one hand, no chin, but on the other the phone does look a bit generic now. Still, as long as – if we can get a bit technical for a moment -it still has all the ‘inside bits’, then it should be a winner.

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