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wii-internet-channelNintendo has unlocked the Wii Internet channel to enable free web browsing for anyone with a Wii hooked up to their broadband connection.

There were at least two things wrong with the browsing the web on your Nintendo Wii . One was the less-than-great web implementation of the Opera browser and having to type URLs by aiming the Wiimote like a target shooter. The other was that after the free demo period, the Wii Internet Channel would set you back 500 Wii points.

Nintendo is pleased to announce that at least one of those problems is no more – from today the Wii Internet Channel will be a free download. Providing you have a compatible broadband connection (and if you don’t, how could you download it in the first place?) you will be able to get your YouTube on from the comfort of your sofa.

If you have already coughed up your 500 Wii Points you may be forgiven for shouting unpleasant words in Nintendo’s general direction. Don’t despair, though – Ninty are offering a ‘free’ download of a Virtual Console NES title worth 500 points, which should be available in October. Better than nothing, we suppose.

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  • TonyH

    Great, I took the plunge and forked out £7.00 for 1000 points (they don’t sell in 500 units) last week to view iPlayer via my wii and this week it’s free, typical.

  • Ben Sillis

    Sensible move. Now if a good game would come along before Mario Bros at Christmas, that’d be nice.

  • Spider86

    You do know you can plug in a USB keyboard to use while web browsing instead of trying to use the remote to type in addresses. 100 x easier.

  • Soahh

    I don't have the internet channel.
    Help? :(

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