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iriver StoryOh ho. The e-reader scene’s got another player crashing the literary party: iriver. Yup, the Korean media player powerhouse could be priming its own Kindle, so read on for what we know.

Following hints of an iriver eBook last month, a forum grass has outed pics and deets of  the iriver Story, as it’s dubbed, and they look mighty real to us.

As well as packing a QWERTY keyboard, the iriver e-reader’s got a memory card slot to stash up to 32GB of tomes, and file format support for PDF, epub, .txt and .doc, as well as a comic book reader for Marvel maniacs.

Sony Reader Touch Edition hands-on!

Unsurprisingly, iriver has plumped for minimalist white, and it’s expected to hit dusty shelves in South Korea on the 16th of this month for around £175-£235. Don’t worry though, overseas distribution is planned too – will the iriver e-reader beat the Kindle to the UK though? We’ll let you know.

Out TBC | £TBC | iriver (Via Slashgear)

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