Android MarketSure, Motorola is about to get in on the Android game, but that’s not the only tasty tidbit right now for fans of Google’s cheery little robot OS. The Android Market‘s about to get a makeover – read on to find out how.

The Android Market app store is about to get a facelift, if new screens leaked to Cnet are to be believed. Snapped on the forthcoming Motorola Sholes, the new Android Market revamps the UI, with buttons for the best free and paid for apps, as well as those “Just In.”

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The top level screen on the Android Market meanwhile gives a preview of some of the apps hidden inside each category. The Android Market tweaks shown only really bring hidden options closer to the top, but they’re still more welcome than a Lesley Ash lipjob.

As for when we’ll see the Android Market overhaul? The tipster says it will run on Donut Android phones, so a launch should be just around the corner. Stay tuned.

Out TBC | £TBC | Android Market (Via Cnet)

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