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psp-3000Here you were thinking the glut of Sony news this summer was about to end. Well, it’s not. After the PS3 Slim and PSPgo, new rumours are surfacing about yet another PSP. This time, it’s the previously talked up PSP 4000, which one tipster says will pack a UMD drive. Confused? Don’t be.

Plans for a PSP 4000 with a UMD drive might seem ludicrous. Especially in light of the download friendly PSPgo scrapping support for the discs. However, a tip from Super–Secret, who correctly called out the PS3 Slim, reckons a UMD–friendly PSP is coming.

PSPgo: is it worth the upgrade?

The new version will replace the PSP 3000, which you can still buy. That means punters who would rather a physical game, or just don’t have download access, can still play nice with all the latest titles.

With Sony’s new lineup not even in stores yet, this is one for the future. But it’s definitely worth keeping an eye on if you’re not keen on the PSPgo.

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