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Maemo HarmattanThe MacBook-esque Nokia Boklet 3G is probably the only laptop based offering the folks at Espoo will be serving up – for now. Word’s already out that a follow-up Nokia netbook is on the way, but with very different hardware under the bonnet. Is Nokia priming a smart-book with another OS?

Taiwanese trade paper DigiTimes – which was right all along about the Nokia netbook love-in – now cites a source who says that the Finns are just finishing up a deal to make a follow-up smart-book, running on an ARM processor.

Nokia Booklet 3G: all the official photos

If true, that raises some interesting questions. Officially, Windows 7 won’t run on the low-power ARM platform. So what OS would a follow-up Nokia netbook nano use instead? Well, there’s always Nokia’s Maemo OS for tablets. A few months back, we peeked a shot of an upcoming version of Maemo destined for smartphones next year that looked awfully wide – so wide it might stretch across a netbook screen, say.

We’d love to see a Nokia netbook/smart-book with all that widget-infused goodness on the desktop, but since both the hardware and software aren’t tipped to land until 2010, we may not find out for a good long while.

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