MSI Wind touchscreen netbook incomingWe heard whispers that MSI had an Eee PC T91 rival in the pipeline, but now it’s got a name: the MSI Wind U150. Want to know what more about this tasty touchscreen netbook? Read on for what we know so far.

If you’ll recall, just last week word from the East tipped us off to a touchscreen MSI Wind netbook, similar to the Eee PC Touch range but with Intel’s new Pine Trail chipset shoved inside instead. Now Gizmodo reports that the first proddable portable will be a “convertible” called the MSI Wind U150, suggesting it’ll have a fold down screen just like the Eee PC T91.

MSI says that Intel’s new gear won’t be ready until January when CES rolls around so we may not get a glimpse of the MSI Wind U150 until then, but Intel still claims Pine Trail products could plonk themselves down on the shelves before year out.

Whoever’s got their calendar crossed, expect the MSI Wind U150 to be one of the first Windows 7 toting touchscreen netbooks on the scene.

Out TBC | £TBC | MSI (Via Gizmodo)

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