MacBook set for overhaul?

macbookWith the unibody MacBook getting a promotion to MacBook Pro this summer, the doughty old white model remains the only MacBook left on the shelf. But rather than kick it into touch, sources are saying Apple is priming a redesigned version, with a slimmer bod and smaller price tag. Read on and we’ll load you up with all the gossip.

That 13–inch MacBook Pro is a sexy, but distant, gadget dream for those of you desperate for some Mac action but short on moolah. So today’s chatter about a redesigned plastic MacBook is just for you. AppleInsider says it has heard plans to give the entry level lappie an overhaul with a slighter frame, new internal architecture and a few models mooted.

The move would see the MacBook drop in price from its current £749 tag. This would be achieved thanks to cheaper parts and also give Apple a chance to take on dirt–cheap netbooks. That means the Apple Tablet will doubtless be a high end treat, not a basic necessity.

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One thing is for sure: Apple won’t be using an Intel Atom on its new MacBook models. Word is it was talked up but decided against seeing as the chip can’t handle more than a few apps being thrown at it at once.

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  • Poppa_P

    Why won’t Apple offer this Macbook in black?, once I nearly bought the black model until I found out about the unibody model being released. I was not keen on having a white Macbook.
    I think for Apple to try and take on the Netbook market, they have to really drop the price a lot.

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