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snow-leopard-virusYou know the usual chatter by now. You buy a PC, you need anti–virus extras. You buy a Mac, you don’t. Well, not any more. Eagle–eyed bloggers have found that the newly minted OS Snow Leopard crams in anti–virus as standard, showing Apple’s clearly concerned about its mighty Macs catching something nasty. Read on for the full skinny.

The anti–malware feature on OS X Snow Leopard reportedly picks up any nasty viruses you might be downloading via Safari and tells you they’re about to give your Mac a nasty surprise.

Found in Snow Leopard by the chaps at the Mac Security Blog, the new offering is somewhat of a surprise. A crux of Apple’s push for punters to ditch their PCs is that viruses don’t affect Macs at all.

This, of course, isn’t strictly true. So it’s good to see Snow Leopard is taking precautions and preventing Mac fans from ending up with an expensive paperweight on their hands instead of a top notch computer.

Out 28 August | £25 | Apple (via Mac Security Blog)

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    Mac is afraid of virus now.

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