mac-tablet6Steve Jobs has only just parked himself back behind the big desk at Cupertino, but already the recuperating CEO is said to be pouring all his attentions into the much–mooted Apple Tablet. According to reports, Jobs is overseeing every little detail in order to ensure the Apple Tablet is the hottest gadget you’ve ever clapped your eyes on. Read on for all the details.

It’s been a quiet couple of days for the Apple Tablet, after counter rumours suggested the touchscreen titan was being held back until 2010. But a new report in the Wall Street Journal says Apple head honcho Steve Jobs is ‘micromanaging’ the device, overseeing its production in the same way he did the iPhone.

Apple Tablet: insider spills all

Word is the man himself has slapped down the Apple Tablet twice in recent years for both poor battery life and insufficient memory. And while a release date remains a mystery, the fact is the WSJ is regarded as one of the most reliable sources for Apple gossip.

That hasn’t stopped Jobs dropping the WSJ an email saying “much of your information is incorrect.” But being famously secretive, he’s bound to want to throw everyone off the scent. Surely an Apple Tablet is just weeks away.

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