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twitter3-150x150Ever wished your Tweets would leave a trail of location, data pinpointing your every move for ex-girlfriends, loansharks and internet stalkers? Sure you did; that’s why Twitter developers have been hard at work on a new feature that will make the social networking service location-aware. Want the full lowdown? Read on.

Twitter co-founder Biz Stone has been explaining the nitty-gritty on the Twitter Blog: “We’re gearing up to launch a new feature which makes Twitter truly location-aware. A new API will allow developers to add latitude and longitude to any tweet.”

As ever, the second you mention location data, privacy freaks feel the red mist descend, so naturally the location feature won’t be enabled by default. Stone further assures us that “exact location data won’t be stored for an extended period of time.”

With that out of the way, this could be the start of a new era for Twitter, which has rapidly expanded from a platform for people to micro-blog nauseating minutiae about their daily lives into a hot bed of personal opinion and insights into global and political news events. Adding real locational context to the equation could make things a lot more interesting.

We’re especially looking forward to the first ‘Cheating hubby caught on Twitter’ headlines.

The real work is now in the hands of the Twitter Platform developers. These are the guys who create the apps and software that you find on GPS equipped smartphones, which is where the bulk of location Tweets are likely to come from. It’ll be great to see what other innovations the geolocation data brings with it.

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