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Google BooksGoogle’s been busy gobbling up books and spitting them out online for the world to see, but not everyone’s down with the deal: three online giants, including Microsoft, are set to join the organisation opposing Google’s plans. Who else is in, and what does it spell for you, dear reader? Read on to find out.

Google Books is busy digitising tomes and becoming the world’s biggest library, but not everyone is kosher with the initiative. The Open Book Alliance (OBA) is opposed to Google’s deal, and the BBC reports that Microsoft and Yahoo (Who just joined forces) and Amazon (Read: eBook flogger) are set to join it.

The trio’s beef with Google Books lies in its recent $125m (£75m) deal with publishers and authors. They fear that Google threatens to become a monopoly by bagging rights to works where the owner isn’t clear, and earning 30% on all books sold through it.

Now, is it concern or jealousy that’s got the group complaining about Google? A little from column A, and a little from column B if you ask us, but we’d suggest Amazon’s doesn’t raise privacy issues. At any rate, comments on the deal have to be made by 4 September, while a judge will decide if a suit can be filed against it in October, so we’ll let you know if this turns nasty.

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