snow-leopard2Apple’s UK website has revealed the launch date for OS X Snow Leopard. Confirming recent rumours, the latest OS X appears to be releasing early, on Friday, August 28 – a few days ahead of the expected September launch window. Read on for the details.

One twist in the tale is that – technically – even Apple has yet to officially confirm the news. In fact, the main OS X Snow Leopard page still lists the Expected Product Availability as “September 2009”, but eagle-eye Mac fans found another page buried in the site that provides a more definite date for the Mac OS X Snow Leopard ‘Up-To-Date’ Unit.

At the front end, Snow Leopard isn’t the most exhaustive update to Apple’s OS X and it comes with a low price to match. However, there should be more than enough tweaks to keep Mac-heads happy. Apple’s technicians have been tinkering under the hood to significantly improve the speed; shutdown is now 75 percent faster and waking up the sleeping system will be twice as quick.

It’s also adding support for multicore processors with Grand Central Dispatch, which should ensure that no CPU cycle goes to waste. QuickTime X is getting a new interface and Mail – itself 2.3 times faster – now supports Microsoft Exchange from the get go.

Blu-ray support is hotly rumoured to be one of the main unannounced new features and that could in turn mean a raft of new Blu-ray equipped Macs out next month. Don’t forget that big Apple announcement we’re expecting in September either.

Out August 28 | From £7.95 | Apple (via Mac Rumours)

  • Poppa_P

    I think Apple will state that Snow Leopard will be released on Sept 8th when they hold their iPod event on Sept 7th.

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