TVonics MDR-240Worried your gran won’t be able to turn on the telly come digital switchover time in 2012? If you want to future proof her living room for next to nothing, you might want to take a gander at the TVonics MDR-240 set top box. It’s the first Freeview box to meet the Government’s latest standards, and it’s out shortly. When? Where? Read on for the skinny.

The TVonics MDR-240 is the first set top doowacky to meet the Government’s latest Core Receiver Requirements. It’s also as simple as a Sudoku puzzle clocked by David Beckham: just plug the TVonics MDR-240 into the SCART socket and it’ll auto-tune the channels for you (or Elsie) and retune every night for the latest stations on air. And that’s it.

All you have to do is head down to John Lewis or Comet come September, slap down 40 notes, plug the TVonics MDR-240 in, and tell your loved one never to touch it, ever. Simple, no?

Out September | £from 39.99 | TVonics

  • Tam the Bam

    Absolute rubbish – mine will not even auto sort channels – the worst freeview box ever and they say it is government approved and they are giving it to the elderly.

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