Philips Streamium NP2900 review

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Great price, good looks, easy to set up
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No, screen slows scrolling
A fine all round streamer with a great price tag and some killer features
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Who wants a clunky old CD player taking up valuable shelf space when you can nab a streaming media player, shove it on your wall and feed it tracks from your music–mad hard drive instead? And when it comes to these little bundles of futuristic joy, it’s hard to top the slick, sharp Philips Streamium NP2900. But can this box of tricks boss the competition? Read our full Philips Streamium NP2900 review and we’ll tell you.

Fire up the Philips Streamium NP2900 and you’ll soon find you’ve got one of the sleekest music–centric gadgets on the face of the planet. It slaps down its big rivals, including the Logitech Squeezebox Boom, with a full 4–inch colour screen for showing off album artwork and track info.

Sadly, that lush screen does mean scrolling through albums stashed away on your PC can become rather sluggish. But this little niggle aside, the Philips Streamium NP2900 is one awesome piece of audio kit. The 30W of power is great for blasting out tracks on your computer. The digital processing which bumps up MP3s, WMAs, AACs and FLAC files is peerless, creating a warm, rounded sound.

And unlike some competitors, setting up the Philips Streamium NP2900 is a breeze too. You’ll be streaming tracks over the g standard Wi–Fi in a matter of minutes. We found it as easy as slapping a CD into our old–school hi–fi.

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On top of streaming your very own tunes, there’s also internet radio, although unlike the Logitech Squeezebox Boom, you don’t get access to Rubbish if your craving for some old–school 90s bangers isn’t covered by your modern day record collection.

But being wall–mountable, the Philips Streamium NP2900 takes up very little space and at 1.5kg won’t cause any shelves to groan either. For just £220, we challenge you to find a more stylish, clever music streamer.

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