Nikon D300s unboxed! Nikon D300s unboxed!

Nikon D300s

We’ve just managed to lay our snap–happy mitts on a slick new Nikon D300s. And rather than heading straight out to hang with the paps and seek shots of Peter Andre mugging up and looking a bit sad, we’ve decided to shoot some pics of it for you lot to gawp at. Read on and see the slick Nikon D300s up close.

Ever since its debut last month. we’ve been gagging to clamp hands on the new Nikon D300s. And it certainly impresses in the hand. It weighs a ton and feels like a truly hardy piece of kit. Under the hood it’s got stacks going on too, shooting 720p video alongside 12.3MP stills, with a stunning 3–inch screen slapped on the back.

Nikon D300s: all the official photos!

Obviously goods like this come at a price. It’s £1,499 for the body only, with that tasty lens costing you a darn sight more on top. We’ll be taking the Nikon D300s for a proper spin soon, so stay tuned for a full review. In the meantime, click on the gallery and start pondering how you’re going to cobble together the requisite readies.

Out now | £1,499 | Nikon

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