Sony Reader going DRM–free

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sony-prs-505-readerWith sleek new models imminent, the Sony Reader is one of the hottest gadget franchises going. The only problem though, is finding eBooks that’ll play nice on the futuristic fiction fan. Fortunately, Sony has heard the cries of first adopters, and is now planning to use an open platform to sell all its books.

That Sony Reader PRS–505 you’ve got might look the part, but you’ll doubtless have come up against a raft of different formats that just won’t play nice with it. But Sony’s now said it’s going to sell all its titles from its online eBook store in the open ePub format. That means you can load it up and read it on any other eReader that supports ePub.

Sony Reader: Pocket and Touch editions unveiled

And the good news doesn’t stop there. Sony has also said it’ll be scarpping its anti–copy software in favour of an Adobe–made solution that stops bookworms from endlessly copying the written word.

It’s a move that’s bound to sate the appetite for a DRM–free world and one we wholeheartedly applaud. And with the new Pocket and Touch Sony Readers on their way, we can’t wait to get downloading some trash for our late summer holidays.

Sony (via New York Times)

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