snowleopardWe know that OSX Snow Leopard isn’t far away from launch – but if web rumours are accurate, it could actually be out ahead of schedule. Read on for the details.

According to various sources Apple has designated the latest developer build of Snow Leopard the “Golden Master”. That might sound like the name of a 1970s Kung Fu movie, but it actually means that the Apple bigwigs reckon it’s launch-ready. All they need to do is produce the DVDs, package them up and ship them out to retailers.

According to Daring Fireball, Snow Leopard went Golden Master on Friday 7th August and will be on sale on 28th August. That’s earlier than the expected September date, although Apple has never actually dropped an official launch date.

If the info is accurate, we’re bound to hear some official word from Cupertino’s finest soon. We’ll keep you informed.

Out TBC | £TBC | Apple (via TechCrunch and Daring Fireball)

  • CJ84

    A pre-September release is hardly suprising since Apple will want to take advantage of students returning to university. It’s a chance to push a few more of their lovely computers with the latest OSX! Great news for the rest of us too!!

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