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apple-motionIt’s Apple patent filing time again. Those Cupertino cats have been at it again, serving up another patent application that has got the Mac rumour community speculating like crazy. This time, the buzz is all about Apple’s potential plans for a screen that automatically compensates for motion.

Originally filed back in February 2008, the application describes a number of ways to make viewing and interacting with a mobile screen easier. Basically, when you’re walking about or travelling in a moving vehicle, the screen vibrates and moves about, and Apple’s idea is to cancel this out, for example by moving the on-screen display slightly to compensate for the movement.

The application also looks at a number of ways in which the touchscreen capabilities can be improved during motion: making selectable images larger, for example; or enlarging the input region; or adjusting the amount of pressure that has to be put on the screen.

Would you like to see this sort of tech make it into your iPod touch or iPhone, or do you think it works just fine as it is? Let us know below.

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