facebook-liteFacebook is preparing a “Facebook Lite” version of its service in order to directly compete with social networking rival Twitter. Read on for all the details.

Some Facebook users have been invited to take part in a beta test of Facebook Lite, and after seeing it some have claimed that it “looks like a simplified version of Twitter with comments enabled” or like a simplified FriendFeed – the service Facebook acquired earlier this week.

After TechCrunch reported on this story, they were contacted by Facebook, who confirmed that Facebook Lite is a simplified alternative to the regular Facebook site that “loads a specific set of features quickly and efficiently”, not unlike the mobile phone-optimised versions of Facebook already available.

Sounds like Facebook wants to provide a service that will appeal to users who aren’t interested in “Which serial killer are you?” apps, endless notifications about people taking part in tedious quizzes and so on.

However, Facebook’s official response states that the Lite beta test was “temporarily exposed to a larger set of users by mistake”. In other words someone hit the wrong button and revealed Facebook’s plans a bit earlier than they’d have liked. So while we know Facebook Lite is real, it might be some way off a launch.

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