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lbp-pspLittleBigPlanet PSP has been slapped with a release date. Well, actually, it’s been given two. Amazon reckons you’ll be getting friendly with Sackboy on the new PSPgo or your old–school PSP from 3 October. However, rival Play reckons it’s not coming until 20 November. So which is it? Read on and find out.

There’s no doubting that LittleBigPlanet PSP is set to be a smash hit. But the release dates just don’t tally on Amazon and Play, with both suggesting different days for creating your own fancy looking characters and getting up to all kinds of awesome mischief. Sony is keeping quiet, so the wait goes on.

One thing that has been finalised is the box. But that’s pretty redundant if you’re going to be downloading the title onto your slick new PSPgo. That’s due on 1 October, well ahead of what’s certain to be Sony’s biggest game in the run–up to Christmas.

LittleBigPlanet mystery announcement incoming

The really good news though is that both Play and Amazon have LittleBigPlanet PSP listed at just £17.99. At last, a gaming bargain we can get on board with.

Out TBC | £17.99 | Sony (via CVG)

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