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Dell logoNot content with being one of the top PC-makers on the planet, Dell looks set to push its way into the world of mobile phones – starting this week! At least that’s the rumour coming out of the Far East. Read on for the juicy details…

The rumour comes courtesy of the serial scoopers over at TechCrunch, who have received a tip from an Asian source “with knowledge of the situation”. Apparently Dell’s phone is so far along in development that it’s going to be unveiled in the next couple of days – although just for the Chinese market at first.

Little is known about the Dell phone hardware, although TechCrunch has heard that the handset will be “iPhone-like” with a large touchscreen and no physical keyboard – a bit like the spy shots we got wind of back in June.

Details are similarly vague on the software front, although things point to an Android operating system – something we’ve heard before. Despite being a long-time Windows partner, Dell is reportedly already collaborating with Google on an Android-powered tablet PC, so it would make sense to adopt its platform for its phones too. That said, Reuters reported earlier this year that Dell’s phone would carry a proprietary OS developed by a China-based company.

If TechCrunch’s claims are correct, we’ll hear more on this very soon. Keep it here for any updates.

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