Panasonic GF1Not content with launching the Panasonic G1 and Panasonic GH1 cameras, it seems that Panasonic is about to add a third model to its Micro Four-Thirds range of cameras – and this one is every bit as retro-inspired as the Olympus E-P1. Dubbed the Panasonic GF1, it’s been spotted in some leaked snaps.

While the Panasonic G1 and Panasonic GH1 had DSLR-type bodies (albeit much smaller), the Panasonic GF1 is squarer and unashamedly nostalgic. In fact, it’s the spitting image of the Panasonic LX3, itself a retro-tastic (and very impressive) premium compact snapper. Of course, the GF1 has interchangeable lenses and a larger sensor.

Spec-wise the Panasonic GF1 packs 12.1MP, a 3-inch screen and AVCHD Lite 720p video. As with the Olympus E-P1, there’s no viewfinder, but Panasonic has included a pop-up flash, and there’s also a hot shoe for attaching accessories.

The leaked photos also show off two new Micro Four-Thirds lenses, both fixed focal length primes: there’s a very compact 20mm F1.7 and a 45mm F2.8. The latter is the first Leica-branded lens in Panasonic’s Micro Four-Thirds line-up (all others have been plain ol’ Lumix) so we’re expecting it to be something special.

No pricing or release date details yet, but we’ll keep you informed as we hear more.

Out TBC | £TBC | Panasonic (via DPReview forums)

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