Windows logoIf you’re thinking of bagging yourself a box copy of Windows 7 come its launch in October, you now know exactly how much cash you’ll have to save up. Yep, the good folks over at CNET have managed to wheedle the official Windows 7 pricing details out of Microsoft.

The full version will cost you £149.99, £219.99 and £229.99 for the Home Premium, Professional and Ultimate versions respectively. Alternatively, you can upgrade from a previous edition of Windows for £79.99, £189.99 and £199.99 respectively.

Microsoft had already revealed pre-order pricing for its upcoming OS, so those willing to lay their money down early can snag Windows 7 Home Premium for just £49.99, or Professional for £99.99.

Anticipation is really building for Windows 7 now, with the official mouse and keyboard announced yesterday – and there’s also talk that the OS will force netbook makers into making some drastic hardware improvements in the near future.

Out October | From £49.99 | Microsoft (via CNET)

  • drewandy

    Best to wait till service pack 4!!

  • Stew


    Why? Win7 is already better than Vista(not hard) and XP.

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