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spotify_logoWe’ve already heard about Spotify’s iPhone app (now submitted to Apple for approval), but the free music streaming service could also be coming to 3 Mobile’s entire range of handsets.

3 is currently in talks with Spotify with the aim of bringing a mobile app to every one of its 4.4 million customers. According to New Media Age, possibilities include pre-loading the app on all new handsets, as well as making available as a download.

The Spotify mobile service would likely only be available to premium subscribers – Spotify users who pay £9.99 a month to listen to the desktop version advert-free – as is the case with the proposed iPhone  app. Likewise, we’d guess it will allow track caching at home via Wi-Fi, to save the strain on 3′s 3G network.

There is some speculation that Spotify’s existing agreements with the likes of O2 and Apple could throw a spanner into the works of a deal with 3, but we’ve got our fingers and toes crossed that this comes off.

Out TBC | £TBC | Spotify (via New Media Age)

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