nokia-oviNokia Ovi is so much more than an app store. Ovi Files is Nok’s neat cloud computing solution and it’s on its way to a Mac near you, taking the fight straight to Apple’s MobileMe. Read on and we’ll tell you just how Nokia Ovi Files is planning on leading the race to the cloud.

Nokia Ovi Files has just got Mac friendly, with the Finns unleashing Ovi Files Macintosh Connector. It does everything its PC cousin can do. But seeing as it’s coming over all Apple, it’s not hard to make the leap and see that this is a direct challenge to MobileMe.

The concept is simple. You can remotely access files stored on your Mac, as long as it’s packing Leopard, on your mobile. You can also send files to pals even of they’re not on Ovi Files and even create an online mirror of content on your Mac. On top of that, it’ll also let you access multiple computers at once.

Nokia Ovi Files now free

Now that sounds like the kind of cloud experience we can get along with. And unlike MobileMe, it doesn’t cost you a penny. So how do you respond to that Apple?

Out now | £Free | Ovi (via Unwired View)

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