mac-tablet1The Apple tablet rumour mill has spent the past 24 hours digesting reports that one chap has already had a play with the oversized iPod. But it’s going to need to chow down on that stunning piece of gossip faster, because fatter, juicier rumours abound. According to configuration files buried deep in the iPhone OS beta, there’s a renewed reference to an “iProd”. So is this the Apple tablet? Guess you’d better keep reading to find out.

Natter about iProd 0,1 first emerged earlier this year, but thanks to that code number, was earmarked as a prototype. Now the ever eagle–eyed gadgeteers at Ars Technica have found direct reference to iProd 1,1 in the iPhone 3.1 beta configuration file.

It certainly fits in with other chat about an Apple tablet emerging this week. The 10–inch device was apparently handled by an analyst who reckons it’ll give rivals tech–based nightmares when it launches at Apple’s annual iPod event in September.

Apple tablet: first hands–on

The beta configuration doesn’t just make a passing nod to the iProd Apple tablet. There’s also talk of iPhone 3,1, iPod 2,2 and iPod 3,1. That means a slew of new Apple treats are surely on their way to sate your appetite for eye candy. What do you think the iProd is? Tell us your thoughts over in the Electricpig Forum.

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  • Poppa P

    There is going to be a lot of these Tablets appearing soon,
    but will Apples tablet be the bench mark that others have to match,and how powerfull does it have to be if its main purpose will be mainly used as a browser or eReader.
    The Crunchpad uses the Intel Atom cpu, so could be a lot cheaper than the Apple tablet.

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