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PS3 SlimJust hours after news of Sony’s impending plans to send the 80GB PS3 to the gadget graveyard sent PS3 Slim rumours into overdrive, more gossip about the slimline hub has leaked out. This time, a French site has touted a release date for the PS3 Slim, as the Big S ramps up production. Want to know when you can get one? Keep reading.

The PS3 Slim is the hottest rumour in gaming right now. And French site RTL reckons it’s coming as soon as this month. It says Sony will announce the PS3 Slim and its Gamescom press conference in Cologne on 18 August. That’s just 9 days after the 80GB PS3 stops selling in Japan.

The news comes as other reports suggest Sony has got Far East factories churning out more PS3 parts than ever before. The industrial barrage has seen PS3 components double in the past three months, as the PS3 Slim finally homes into view.

PS3 Slim rumours: 80GB PS3 killed off

While specs will stay the same, the price is said to be coming down, in spite of Sony’s head honcho insisting it’d be financial suicide to do so.

Out 18 August | £TBC | Sony (via RTL and

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    Lets see who ends up looking the fool in all this. I predict a massive media backtrack in 3….2….1….

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