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ps3-slim1The countdown to the PS3 Slim continues. After Amazon shoved a link to the new Sony console online over the weekend, now Sony itself is adding to the clamour by discontinuing the 80GB PS3 in Japan. But what does that mean for the PS3 Slim? And how soon are you likely to have one in hand? Keep reading and find out.

The PS3 Slim now looks like a nailed on certainty. After it’s Amazon leak, shady pics and even someone having some hands–on time, now Sony is fuelling the flames by killing off the 80GB PS3. A note sent out to retailers by the Big S says pre–orders for black, silver and white versions of the 80GB hub will stop in Japan on 9 August.

PS3 Slim rocks up on Amazon

So what does that mean? Well, only the 160GB PS3 will remain, suggesting you’ll still be able to make a grab for the top–end box, while a new PS3 Slim will slip in with a tad less storage but a new bod’ and the same Blu–Ray goodness inside.

It seems like the PS3 Slim is just days away from getting all official. And with Gamescom kicking off on 19 August in Cologne, we’re hoping for some hot news nuggets very soon.

Out TBC | £TBC | Sony (via VG247)

  • Vince

    Does this mean it will be cheaper though? Thats what we all want isn’t it?

  • Stew

    @Vince IS it?

    I’ve had a PS3 for a year now, at even at the £300 price, it’s incredible value for money. Pikeys will always want something cheaper, but the fact remains, if you want quality, you have to pay for it. The Xbox is cheaper for a very good reason, it’s crap (it terms of component quality, build quality and reliability). It’s the console equivalent of a Matsui TV, cheap and nasty.

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