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That Nokia N97 Mini we caught a glimpse of last week is very much real. And what’s more, scurrilous mobile fanatics have got hold of the specs, price and even a release date for this trim new version of the multimedia powerhouse that is the N97. Keep reading to stay bang up–to–date.

The N97 Mini is on its way. Those spy shots showed a blower lacking the N97′s beefier style and it seems that’s exactly what we’ll be getting, according to Mobile Review. The N97 Mini is being lined up for launch at Nokia World in Stuttgart on September 2 and offer a cheaper and slinkier way to get stuck into Nokia’s top end.

Specs–wose, the screen has been shrunk from 3.5–inches down to 2.9–inches. It’ll rock a 640×360 resoltion, with either 8GB or 16GB in board, down from 32GB on the N97. There’s no word on SD expansion, but expect that to be a given.

N97 Mini spotted!

As already seen, there’s no nav button on the N97 Mini, so it’ll be far slimmer than its older bro’. As for camera specs, we’ll have to wait until more news slips out or Nokia delivers the full goods.

The price is said to be dropping by around £85. Great if you buy SIM–free. Even better if you want a cool phone on a bargain basement contract.

Is this a good move for Nokia? Or should they be focusing on newer touchscreen phones? Mouth off now over in the Electricpig Forum.

Out 2 September | £TBC | Nokia (via Unwired View)

  • Dave Cozens

    Let’s hope that it doesn’t have the same lens cover that the full size N97 has – as this has been causing scratches to the lens instead of protecting it.

    Google for N97 Lens if you’re thinking of buying one…

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