The Creative Zii Egg Android PMP turned heads an angle far more than healthy when it was announced earlier this week: as well as running Google’s popular OS, it plays back HD video without breaking a sweat, and the first clip of it in the wild has emerged. Keep reading to see it in action!

Cnet Asia got to grips with the Creative Zii Egg, and as the video shows, it’s shaping up to be a true iPod touch toppler in the way Sony failed with the X-Series Walkman. The multitouch isn’t there yet, but the Android browser mixed with Wi-Fi makes Sony’s attempt at knocking out something more than a top notch media player look laughable.

Creative Zii Egg: all the official photos

It’s not just the surface similarity that’s got us excited (If we’re honest, the Creative Zii egg is bulkier and uglier than Apple’s slim beauty), but expandable storage, HD video playback on TVs (Ace, according to what Cnet saw) and Android Market access. Frankly, the more Apple mucks around yanking apps left, right and centre for no good reason, the more and more attractive an Android alternative to the iPod touch becomes.

Now, Creative, either release the Zii Egg yourself or tell HTC to whack Sense and a phone antenna in there, and we’ll all desert Cupertino’s camp en masse.

Out TBC | £TBC | Creative (Via Cnet)

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