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sky-hd-boxWow, it really is happening. A Sky 3D channel will launch in 2010, serving up a slew of different shows in mind–bending 3D over your existing Sky+HD box. The move comes just months after Sky announced its 3D plans and then trialled live broadcasts on the service. Keep reading to see just what you’ll need to live the three dimensional dream.

The Sky 3D channel will definitely launch next year, with Murdoch’s men saying you’ll be able to snag “news, entertainment and sport” on the dedicated service. And getting involved won’t involve stacks of new gadgets. Ok, you will need to stump up for a 3DTV, but the channel itself will use your Sky+HD box.

Sky broadcasts UK first live 3D event using standard Sky HD box

Expect 3D TVs to be huge in the UK next year. LG has already said it’s got one lined up and all the major TV players had their own efforts on show at this year’s CES in Las Vegas. 3D TVs are already on sale in South Korea.

On top of Sky 3D, the pay TV types have also confirmed plans for a full–on VOD service to complement the somewhat weak Sky Anytime. But with 3D TV being pumped into British homes, we’re happy to don the glasses and forget 2D for good.

Out 2010 | £TBC | Sky

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