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archos-clipperForget your incessant cravings for the slickest PMP your cash can muster. In these times of financial penury, you need to set your sights lower. And that’s where the Archos Clipper comes in. Rocking 2GB and a price tag that’ll leave enough for your weekly groceries, it’s aimed right at the iPod Shuffle. Read on and find out just how much the dinky Archos Clipper will cost.

Recession–battered gadget fans rejoice, The Archos Clipper will sate your appetite for the latest kit without causing you to weep tears of money–based pain. See, it costs a mere £18 for this slice of basic MP3 joy.

Archos Vision PMPs unveiled

That price tag means the Archos Clipper is just about the most barebones piece of kit you’ll lay your hands on this year. It packs in 2GB of storage, volume and playback controls and, er, that’s it.

Archos will be hoping that the Clipper can slap down its closest big name rival, the iPod Shuffle. At £59 for something that’s a darn sight similar, the French PMP type has already got a head start with the Clipper.

Out now | £18 | Archos (via CNET)

  • MT

    Uhm, you forgot usability, iTunes, and support, in your evaluation of the two products.

  • Mike

    He might have forgotten about iTunes, but IMO that would not be an advantage to the iPod Shuffle. Usability… Come on. It has the same buttons as the iPod Shuffle. How hard can it be :)

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