Google VoiceGoogle Voice is a great new service the big G‘s working on to let you use just one number across landlines and mobiles. Or at least it was: the Google Voice iPhone app has been rejected by Apple for sale on the App Store. But why? Keep reading to find out.

Things got a bit fishy when third party Google Voice iPhone apps were randomly taken down off the iPhone app store yesterday, but an answer was soon coming: the official Google Voice iPhone app was rejected by a kangaroo court at Cupertino. According to a Google spokesperson, “Apple did not approve the Google Voice application we submitted six weeks ago to the Apple App Store”.

This is the second time in a week we’ve heard about a Google app being tossed out by Apple. Why this one too? TechCrunch speculates that AT&T, the iPhone’s network in the US, may be behind the crushing of the Google Voice iPhone app. There’s no confirmation just yet, but it’d come as no surprise after the SlingPlayer fiasco: AT&T creams a lot of money from text messages, and given Google Voice lets you send them for free, you can see where the conflict of interest lies.

Google Voice isn’t available in the UK at the moment, but this isn’t bad news just for iPhone owners who were hoping to unify all their phone numbers, but for iPhone innovators and mobile developers in general. How can companies risk putting money into hi-tech ventures like Google Voice if there’s such a risk of Apple stomping on them at any point?

As it is, Google says it’s looking for a web app solution for Google Voice on the iPhone instead, so expect limited functionality compared to Google Voice on Android and BlackBerry when it launches here.

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  • James Holland

    The phrase “Kangaroo court” made me laugh out loud. Although mainly because I think of Steve Jobs depicted as a Rolfaroo, handing down judgment after judgment.

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