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Firefox 4.0 revealed

Firefox 4.0? That was fast. Firefox 3.5 may have only just hit the interwebs, but Mozilla isn’t content just stuffing geolocation into the browser and sitting back: it’s already hard at work on the sequel. It’s just rolled out the blueprints, and it wants your thoughts. Want to have your say? Read on and find out.

While you can use new features like My Location on Google Maps in Firefox 3.5, we’ve found it to be a step backward in some respects, not least the horribly slow URL/search bar. Firefox 4.0 should change that though: as these Windows mockups show, Mozilla’s working on a pared down, minimalist browser that’s still super-efficient to use.

Firefox 3.5: everything you need to know

As these Firefox 4.0 screenshots show, the big changes on the surface are happening up at the top of the browser. Mozilla wants community feedback on whether you want the tabs on the top, or underneath the address bar as they are now. For some, the menu buttons are more important, but others need quick access to different tabs, so it’s a divisive question.

Another change Firefox 4.0 brings is a merged Go, Stop and Refresh button that’s context sensitive, changing colour depending on whether a page is loading or not, a nice little touch that removes extra clutter from the browser pane.

Firefox 4.0 is still a way off, but if you want to spout off and be heard by Mozilla take a look at the mockups above, then head on over to its developer blog and throw your two cents their way.

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  • St0rmBr1nger

    Any news on how much memory it will leak?

  • http://www.electricpig.co.uk Ben Sillis

    Haha. I’m not at all happy with 3.5 on Mac. Trying to type in an address kills everything for a good 5 seconds.

  • Ken S

    What has happened to the ‘down arrow’ to the right of the page back and page forward buttons in Firefox 4? It’s a real pain now having to go back one page at a time………………….

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