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Creative Zii EGG: the Android iPod touch

We predicted that the Creative Zii EGG PMP would pack Android when we spotted plans for it earlier this month, and we were right. The iPod touch toppler has just been made official, and not only is it Google-fueled, but it records and plays HD video. Want to know more? Read on for all the pics and info.

The 3.5-inch Creative Zii EGG looks suspiciously like an iPod touch, but don’t be fooled: this touchscreen song chucker runs Creative’s Plaszma platform, as well as Android, and with some improved specs too.

Creative Zii EGG sighted

The 320×480 capacitive screen on the Creative Zii EGG matches the iPhone and iPod touch, as do 32GB of memory, Wi-Fi, GPS, and Bluetooth, but the storage is expandable, it shoots HD video and it can play back 1080p movies on a big screen. The SD slot is a bit odd (microSD, guys?) but at least you’ll be able to bump up the storage space big time too. Top that, Zune HD.

At the moment, the Creative Zii EGG is only available for developers and manufacturers, but expect plenty of different takes on this open source PMP to make it to market soon – and don’t rule out Creative, or an enterprising developer, slapping 3G in there. After Apple’s recent behaviour, it’s already starting to look more tempting than a new iPod touch.

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