Google AndroidGoogle Android is not in line for a multitouch makeover. That’s the official word from  a Google insider, who says the next bump to its OS, Donut, will not support those gestures iPhone owners are oh–so fond of. So what’s the deal? Keep reading to see just what the Big G has to say for itself.

Google Android team member Romain Guy has hopped onto the Android Developers Google Group and served up stacks of news on the next push for the mobile OS, Donut. Suitably stupid name aside, the biggest slice of gossip is that the next Android update will not come rocking multitouch.

Did Apple block Android multitouch?

The move will clearly spark chatter about a mooted deal between Apple and Google. The former apparently pressured latter’s top brass into ensuring that Android didn’t step on the toes of the iPhone with multitouch tech. Both major players are already subject of an inquiry over their status as close corporate buddies.

Elsewhere, Guy states that Donut will not be known as Android 2.0. That leaves the door open for multitouch in the future. But let’s face it, we want to see phones with skills like the HTC Hero and Sony Xperia X3 packing the very best a gadget can get.

Google (via Engadget Mobile)

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