iPhone Monkey IslandAvast! The iPhone version of classic LucasArts adventure The Secret Of Monkey Island has just gone on sale in the App Store, promising a ripping yarn filled with point and tap swashbuckling and lashings of humour. Want to know what to expect from this re-imagining? Read on.

The iPhone game of The Secret Of Monkey Island: Special Edition puts a new spin on the legendary game, updating Guybrush Threepwood and the world around him in 3D, slotting in new music, a re-united voice cast and the ability to switch between classic and Special Edition modes with a prod of your iPhone.

Monkey Island returns, episodic style

If you’ve ever played a Monkey Island game or anything from the developer in the same vein, like Sam & Max, you won’t need much more coaxing – even if it means having to go out and buy yourself a brand new iPhone 3GS. And even if you don’t know Guybrush from Jack Sparrow, if you have an iPhone or an iPod touch go and buy The Secret Of Monkey Island right now so we can put some leverage on LucasArts for an iPhone version of Day Of The Tentacle too.

Out Now | £4.99 | LucasArts (Available at the iPhone App Store)

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