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After chatter about a planned release this very week, Modu – apparently the world’s smallest phone – has hit the shelves, in Israel at least. The micro mobile, which lets you change its personality courtesy of “jacket” add–ons, has taken 18 months to land but now you can see it in its full glory. Read on to see just how the planet’s tiniest blower measures up.

Modu has had a bumpy ride since it was first spotted at MWC 2008. Its futuristic style has been usurped by the might of the iPhone 3GS and Nokia N97. But its Israeli founders reckon it’s still a winner.

The chaps at Mobo laid their hands on a Modu as soon as it was up for sale. And we have to say it looks pretty cool. Their snaps show it rocking a series of basic “jackets”, as well as making the iPhone look like a brick by comparison.

Modu mobile launching this week

It’s not all good news though. Mobo reckons the Modu has a lot of potential, but isn’t close to realising it yet. It’s certainly a novel take on the mobile phone. Just don’t count on getting one here just yet.

Out now | £79 | Modu (via Mobo)

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