Google WaveGoogle Wave, the big G’s wondrous widget social network mixing IM program that made a splash at its IO conference in May, has had a release date set so Joe Public can get in on the realtime action. Want to know when the invites will be washing up on these fair shores? Keep reading, son.

We’ve been watching the horizon for a glimpse of the Google Wave tsunami ever since it was unveiled 2 months ago and now we know when us non-developer types will be able to test the service out: 30 September. Come that day, Google will begin pushing out 100,000 Google Wave invites to those who signed up over on the official Google Wave page.

Google Wave unveiled

If you’re wondering what the fuss is about, it’s best you check out the Google Wave unveilling video for all the details. What Google has done is side stepped all the competing platforms in social media right now (Twitter, Facebook, FriendFeed etc) and made it possible for them all to be brought together under one roof so you can collaborate with anyone you like.

Google Wave doesn’t just stop there though: because it’s completely open, you can create any sort of extension (or “gadget”) you like: there’s already a Twitter gadget, as well as one to embed Waves in WordPress blogs and even a Rick Rolling time waster. You can expect many more incoming too.

Google has yet to confirm it but we’re expecting a rollout similar to Gmail’s, which means you’ll have to find a friend in the know to nab an invite from before the search giant is ready to go fully open. From the looks of it though, Google Wave is one service you’ll want to get in on early.

Out September | £free | Google Wave (Via PC Mag)

  • http://- Kaushik Purani

    I am very exiciting to experience G-Wave.

  • james

    I agree With Diljeet Maybe public launch in next year

  • Diljeet Saini

    Here’s how it works: In Google Wave you create a wave and add people to it
    They don’t have a specific time frame for public release, by invitation of current user or maybe, number of months , 2010

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