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Devotec solar Bluetooth speaker arrives for BBQs

Summer’s in hiding right now, but Devotec has got the perfect device for the next heatwave: a solar-powered Bluetooth speaker to belt out your tunes in the garden without all the aggro of wiring.

The Devotec Bluetooth sound box packs a pair of 2W speakers that’ll run off the sun and hooks up to a Bluetooth phone (iPhones, Nokias and BlackBerries all supported) or MP3 player. It’s good for up to 8 hours of tunes, though that’s in tandem with a more traditional battery source.

The Devotec solar Bluetooth speaker also fits in a 3.5mm jack around back, as well as  touchscreen display and even a mic so you can take calls while you stoke the coals on the barbie.

You can blag a Devotec solar Bluetooth speaker for your summer parties at Devotec Industries’ website for a shade under 50 notes, so what are you waiting for? Get grilling.

Out Now | £50 | Devotec (Via The Register)

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